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Hazai distiller 48L

Hazai distiller 48L
Hazai distiller 48L
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Single wall copper alembic distiller

48L Hazai Distiller

Alembic type copper distiller for home and hobby use. Ideal for distilling mash or wine.

Cooper features an excellent heat conductivity, binds toxic materials of the mash, and develops special aromas for the distillate.

In the sphere-shaped pot the hot material is in a continous motion, therefore it tends less to burn off, and heats evenly.

The onion-shaped dome gives an ideal cleaning effect to the vapor.

The flow-through type cooler unit provides perfect cooling effect in any circumstances.

Hazai Type alembic distillers come with massive design and several reinforcement rings on the pot, the dome and on the cooler unit. These rings will protect your distiller from mechanical damages ensuring it's really long life time.

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Measures the temperature of the vapor in the dome

Gas Burner
Gas Burner

High capacity cast iron Gas Burner to provide controllable heating to the distiller pot

Stand set for 40/48l distiller
Stand set for 40/48l distiller

One iron stand for the pot, and one for the cooler

Copper Sieve Tray 40/48l
Copper Sieve Tray 40/48l

Copper Sieve Tray to prevent the mash from burning down

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